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Boone’s Junction Pizza & Pub
29720 SW Boones Ferry Rd
Wilsonville, Oregon 97070
Phone: (503) 582-9507




About Boone’s Junction Location History,
In the 1970′s the property at Boone’s was a real estate office. The property was one of seven constructed along the I-5 corridor. All were real estate offices at that time. Currently there are only two buildings remaining, Boone’s and one in Albany which is now a gas company. All the buildings were sites that could be seen from the I-5 freeway. It remained that for quite a few years. In the late eighties it became what was known as Marvell’s Pizzeria and was operated by a woman from Canby named Marvell. In the early 90’s it was purchased by Gary Grill who ran it under the same name. He sold about 1995 and it became an Izzy’s Pizza Express. A couple of years later it became Julia’s Bistro, which did not operate very long. The building sat vacant for a couple of years when it became a Pizzeria again and was called Uncle Jays . Bruce Burgoyne purchased the business in April of 2003.